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Picture Tree’s Fausto Becatti gives insurance a side-splitting twist

 Picture Tree’s Fausto Becatti gives insurance a side-splitting twist

Picture Tree’s Fausto Becatti recently helmed a new spot for Standard Bank Car and Home Insurance – with side-splittingly funny results.

Built around a visual narrative that follows the travails of the improperly insured, bumbling “Mr Hindsight” and the super-sorted “Tiny Tim”, the commercial makes use of director Becatti’s ability to build a story around characters.

“Insurance is a grudge purchase and most commercials for insurance products battle to get beyond that,” acknowledges Becatti

With this in mind – and guided by the agency’s concept – Becatti’s treatment centered on the performances of Mr Hindsight and Tiny Tim while creating a visual world that supported these.

“The focus was truly on casting, character and performance to make a memorable and loveable duo,” explains the director.

“Mr Hindsight had to be nondescript and hapless, using a subtle, dry performance and comic timing to be memorable in the end. Tiny Tim couldn’t be too cool but had to have a confidence that comes from having everything sorted upfront. We got great performances out of our actors, making for a very funny commercial about something quite serious.”

Assisting in conjuring up the different worlds inhabited by Mr Hindsight and Tiny Tim were DOP David Pienaar and art director, Adi Koen.

Inspired touches in Becatti’s treatment – like the oversized bouncy burger and the techno-steampunk coffee machine – add significantly to the momentum of the narrative.

The commercial was shot on location in Braamfontein, Craighall and Linden. It was created for TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, with Executive Creative Directors Matthew Brink and Adam Livesay, Creative Director Justin Wanliss and Copywriter Alex Rupare. Also on board were Picture Tree’s Gary King (Executive Producer) and Scott Njumbuxa (Producer).

Watch Spot Below:

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