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If your stolen gun was there, so were you: Tony Baggott’s Gun Free SA PSA

 If your stolen gun was there, so were you: Tony Baggott’s Gun Free SA PSA

Frieze Films Tony Baggott directed If Your Stolen Gun Was There, So Were You, Y&R’s new PSA for Gun Free South Africa. The spot calls on all South Africans to hand in their firearms.

“With the ongoing Oscar Pistorius trial, the spotlight is once again on the high levels of gun violence in South Africa, where every day 18 people are shot and killed,” says Bibi Lötter, Y&R’s group creative director.

Over 50 firearms are stolen or lost every day, so the spot uses a clever but simple technique to place gun-owners at the scene of the crime.

“I really loved the subtlety of Tony’s treatment,” says Bibi. “He’s crafted a thoughtful piece that doesn’t accuse anyone but makes people think about what it means to own a gun.

Y&R had originally conceptualized the spot as a first-person shooter, but Tony rather suggested filming the PSA in a single, continuous take and using choreography to introduce the second person.

“Tony also added so much value in terms of audio,” says Bibi, pointing to the sound changes as the second hand appears; the placement of the gunshots over the messaging; and the silence over the logo to link the idea of a gun free South Africa to a sense of peace and quiet. “He turned the audio treatment into a powerful statement of the idea.”

The PSA was shot on a rainy night in Braamfontein, with Marc Rowlston as the DOP, and post production by Melanie Golden at Deep End Post.

Frieze Films’ producer Jo Barber thanks all the crew who made the shoot possible.

Watch PSA below:

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