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The talented Mr. Chris Slabber-Illustrator

 The talented Mr. Chris Slabber-Illustrator

What have you been up to since we last featured you?

I’ve been working hard at breaking into the international scene. Just trying to get my name out there in order to get more contracts in Europe and the States. Also I’ve been living in Oudtshoorn for a while now and I’ve learned too keep my life simple, too get rid of the clutter of everyday life. I’m very happy here.

Tell us about your latest project?

Well the Destruction/Creation project started as an invitation to exhibit during the 2014 KKNK. At the time I wasn’t really busy with commercial work so I took about a month to just focus on the exhibition. The hardest part was to come up with a concept. I went through a few ideas, but the whole time I had this vision in the back of my head to revisit the paint in water technique. As mentioned in the rational, it was inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso. His images are just so thought provoking that I had to try and reinterpret it in my own way.


What was the inspiration behind your new work?

As mentioned, I was invited to exhibit in 2014 KKNK. The exhibition had a theme , which was “Wording uit  Waarboel”, which pretty much means Creation comes from Destruction. This is where I made a clear connection with the dynamics of the paint in water with the philosophy of Destruction/Creation. As the paint falls there is a constant point of creation, but at the same time, the tail end keeps disintegrating into the water. So almost as anything dies, it becomes part of the earth again in order to contribute to new life. I’ve always been a fan of the whole Alchemy philosophy, so this was a cool way to visualise it.

Whats are your creative plans for 2014?

I want to break into the international market, so I’m heading to Italy in august for the A Design Awards ceremony to claim my Platinum Award for the artwork I did for Haezer – Gold Plated Frequencies and to do some networking there. I’d like to try and build up relationships with designers there to possibly go and work over there for a few months in the future and build up some new experience.

Where can our readers follow your work?

My portfolio is on Behance – I really like the engine they provide. So pop over and have a look. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!



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