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Follow up chat with Graffiti artist and Graphic Designer Shaun Oakley

 Follow up chat with Graffiti artist and Graphic Designer Shaun Oakley

What have you been up to since we last featured you?

Been manic since the last interview, a lot has happened. I got married to a beautiful woman named Sam, had back to back weekends of commissioned graffiti jobs, painted a G6 for Magtrader, logo work, poster work, magazine cover design and even managed to squeeze in a few new illustrations.

Tell us about your new projects?

Some of my new projects have been INCREDIBLE. One of my favourites include painting a VW Golf 6 for a company called “Magtrader”. The car should be at Top Gear  so look out for it. In the process of editing a time lapse so when the video is ready will send it your way. [WOKSHOTS] has been my photographer and editor. He’s crazy! I’ve painted some sick commissioned walls for a few companies including TBWA, KZNSA Gallery, Sound Boyz and Wicked Dips New Shop. I’ve also been super busy  designing event posters for a Cape Town based Company. Also Designed 5 NEW Limited Edition boards for PEG. Those are coming soon soon. Designed a Cover for an Australian Magazine Cover called “No Cure” and and and. Its been ridiculous, super blessed to have so much work.


What was the inspiration behind your new work?

Im on the net most of the day researching and pulling reference. I have been feeling the european Graffiti Artist geometric, clean tweaky styles
lately. Artists like ROIDS, VIBES, ZOER, WEIRD CREW and many more, have just inspired me and pushed me to trying some new techniques and just trying to push my skills you know. With regards to my illustration stuff, still on my street style. Loving it.

Whats are your creative plans for 2014?

Got plenty more graffiti jobs scheduled for my lovely weekends, I’m doing a pro bono job for Educare (a kids school), got another 2 cars to paint,
Probably going to be on some BIG scale sh*t some time this year. Pretty keen on some insect projects and some exhibitions in a few months time. But definitely some fresh stuff for the viewers.

TBWA WALL_DamnVandal
Where can our readers follow your work? or just type Damn Vandal in on FB, should come up.

DamnVandal Woodworks1


FLAMIN GO_DamnVandal






WICKED DIPS 1_DamnVandal


WICKED DIPS 2_DamnVandal

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