Getting To Know Graffiti Artist Rizah Potgieter


Who is Rizah Potgieter and what do you do?

I am humble, strong and passively aggressive. I’ve been sketching since the age of 9…grew up in Mitchell’s Plain where I’ve learnt the Art of Graffiti

How would you define your style or art?

I’ve tried different styles and techniques and try not to define my style because I’m always “flipping the script” to try and connect with different types of people…but in a nutshell I like the balance of messy unpredictable splashes and drips, nature and nurture portraying our strong connection with the animal kingdom, conceptual art which I’ve learnt from animation, landscape, portraits and pretty much anything that is in the circle of my culture.


What inspires your work?

I grew up in the late 90’s Hip-Hop scene and at the time there were over fifty graffiti artists in my hometown alone, so it was that energy that sparked my source of inspiration in the beginning of my graffiti career and I’m always grateful because we always kept each other on our toes. Now, I’m inspired by my surroundings, exploring, architecture , animals, lanscapes, people’s stories, reading, social illness, my family and as most people know…women…the real strong women like my mother and my sisters.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a couple of pieces for a group exhibition I’ve been invited to and a solo exhibition which will revolve around a concept of the universe in paradoxes.
Also designing for clothing prints, album covers, illustrations for posters and a mini tour to paint broken down and forgotten spots


What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

Be prepared to run from the police and whoever tries to stop you. Don’t try to be impressive rather expressive. Know your roots, its the only place you can grow from. Learn from your mistakes and remember that beauty’s in the eye of the beholder. If you caught…lie

Where can our readers follow your work?

Facebook page: Prefix66
Instagram: @prefix66
Twitter: @prefix_66
For portfolio request email me:


















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