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Getting back To His Roots- Illustrations By Clint Reid

 Getting back To His Roots- Illustrations By Clint Reid

What have you been up to since we last featured you?

I’ve done a bit of geographical relocation and moved back to my home state recently. It’s allowed me to focus more on hopefully making the transition to full-time illustration. I’ve been working on dialling in my screen printing setup, and exploring new techniques and working on a larger scale than I usually deal with. In addition to that, I’ve been learning a lot through my newly acquired husband/dad status (my wife and I married this past February). It doesn’t get much better than seeing our 3 year old get stoked on a new sketchbook and watching her fill it with Totoros, kittens, and Seuss-like houses .

Tell us about your new projects?

I just completed a series of paintings, accompanied with hand-screened shirts and posters. The series, entitled EUROPA, is currently on display at a makers boutique called Collected Thread in Oklahoma City. The series of 6 paintings highlight the story of an astronaut traveling from Earth to Europa, an icy moon of Jupiter. I typically work on a small scale with watercolour and microns, but I chose to leave my comfort zone and work on large wood panels with paint and paint pens. It was a great opportunity to get past the conceptual part of creating art and approach the actual “making” from a new perspective.


What was the inspiration behind your new work?

The EUROPA show was inspired by my life-long fascination with space and astronauts, along with a couple albums by the band Rosetta, which inspired the basic story line of the astronaut’s travels.

What are your creative plans for 2014?

I plan to continue producing limited runs of hand-screened apparel and posters. I’d also like to procure another show this year, and return to the pen and watercolour medium to finish a few series of illustrations I started at the end of 2013.


Where can our readers follow your work?





Instagram: @clintbot0001












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