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Nina Torr – Illustrations At Its Best

 Nina Torr – Illustrations At Its Best

What have you been up to since we last featured you?

A few exciting projects have come up lately. Last year I collaborated with Essie Letterpress to create the October illustration for their 2014 Artist’s Almanac. They accidentally published my illustration under my real name and since then I’ve realised I prefer it that way, so I made the decision to drop my pseudonym, Andy Wyeth. A few months ago I took part in the Gravity: A Visual Exploration show at Salon 91 alongside Dani Loureiro, Cassandra Leigh Johnson, Tess Metcalf, Mariëtte Bergh, and Maaike Bakker. The show was a fun challenge because it was the first time I did a body of work in colour. I always feel that if something becomes too comfortable or easy, then one needs to throw something scary into the mix, otherwise one just stays in the same place. I had started feeling this way about working in ink, and I’ve always been a bit frightened of colour, which is why I’ve been going in this new direction. So far I’m really enjoying the world it has opened up.

I also recently started a collective with Maaike Bakker called SoftServe. So far we’ve produced a small range of screen printed clothing and curated a show at Wolves called The Wonders of the Universe, which featured some top South African illustration talent.

Joburg, Gondwana

Tell us about your new projects?

I’m currently working on my third solo exhibition. So far, it is taking the form of small gouache paintings. I’m trying to construct them in such a way that every image will be a depiction of something happening at the same moment in time, just in a different space. The show will open on 30 October at In Toto Gallery in JHB.

What was the inspiration behind your new work?

A few months ago I discovered a full reproduction of the Nuremberg Chronicle and I’ve been drawing inspiration from that ever since. It’s an encyclopedia of the world written in 1491, including a fully illustrated depiction of the creation of the universe. Other than that I’m looking at a lot of Walton Ford, Winsor McCay and Conrad Botes at the moment.

What are your creative plans for 2014?

I am currently very excited Pretoria. A lot of young creatives are moving out of the suburbs and into the city and I think this transition is going to result in some interesting work. So far some murals and intervention are in the works for SoftServe and I’m excited to see what other collaborations come about as a result of Cool Capital and similar initiatives.

Where can our readers follow your work?

Deer with bird


Deers on Hill


Essie Letterpress Artist's Almanac


Schedel's World part I


Schedel's World part II


Sun and Moon Skeleton


Tyger Swallowing the Sun

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