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How does one stand out in a saturated creative industry when nowadays every other person regards him or herself as a “creative”? The “I am a creative” and just “creative” terms are rather loosely overused in the creative circles, but what does that really mean? Often tossed around in many rooms, from class rooms to account winning agencies, attempting to inspire and influence ground-breaking ideas. “Be creative” – we have all heard it before and continue to hear it, especially in this field. Which field you wonder? Yes, the “creative” field.

We caught up with a not-so-wet-behind-the-ear Creative Director who owns and drives the strategic direction of digital advertising agency, Breeze Website Designers (BWD). Qualified in the field and managing the agency for the last eight years, we deemed it pretty appropriate to engage him on his “creativity” energies and design.

Finding creativity where none necessarily exists; is a skill. Bongani’s imagination began from a very young age when he realised that there was money to be made, from a rather odd source. From what you may wonder? This gent was only 16-years old at the time. The creative bug bit Bongani whilst observing his father’s kraal and he realised that he could in fact sell the dung as manure to his community who neglected their greenery due to lack of nutrients for their gardens.

Now that’s creative!


Q: How do you define creativity?

A: Creativity is executing ideas that are meaningful and that have an intimate message – not just on the surface but also ideas that resonate with your intended audience, something that will linger in their minds and create a heightened level of excitement and craving to engage with your idea over and over again.

Q: How do you encourage creativity in the work place?

A: Creativity requires energy, practice and discipline. One needs to train one’s brain to think in new places and spaces to enable the processing of vast amounts of data until two unrelated things are brought together for the first time. Therefore I encourage my staff to constantly read and keep up with the latest design trends, news, blogs and any other platform that will free their minds and invite the ability to practice creativity every day.

Q:  What inspires you to be creative?

A: I’m inspired by the desire to want to be able to solve more business problems. Creativity is the act of coming up with an idea to solve a problem.

Q: How do you ensure that you offer the ultimate creative solutions to yield sustainable results for your clients?

A: The approach we utilise focuses on solving the client’s business problem first. Every great idea is designed to solve a problem. Many award-winning creative ideas solve widespread social problems and the reason these ideas do so well is because the problems are easily understood.

Q: How do you and BWD differentiate yourselves from your competitors who also aim to be creative geniuses?

A: We offer a one-stop-shop for digital advertising and communication solutions. More than 90% of what we do is prepared and completed in-house; including video animation services – most of our competitors are not always able to offer a full in-house service, in the true sense of the word.

BWD is registered with professional associations such as IAB and Google Partners to ensure we are aware of new developments and remain relevant for our clients.

The bulk of BWD staff are also university graduates with accredited and industry relevant qualifications, which means we are knowledgeable and experts in our field.

Q: How do you generate your ideas?

A: An idea is the bringing together of two previously unrelated things for the first time. Creativity is about connecting things. Ideas are, simply, the connection of two previously unrelated simple things. When I say things I mean thoughts, products, concepts or objects that are understood by every man and woman. So I cannot connect things if my target audience doesn’t know that they exist, I read a lot of material on design, trends, news, etc. to make sure that I can be creative and stay relevant.

Q: What advice would you offer to aspiring Creative’s?

A: Surround yourself with creativity every day, be one with creativity, find it everywhere you go and in all that you do whether walking down the street, listening to music or even in your quiet space. Also make sure you are relevant and stay relevant to those that matter.

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