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A Marvin Kinda Guy – A New Lifestyle Publication

 A Marvin Kinda Guy – A New Lifestyle Publication

Who is Marvin

Marvin is targeted at inspiring men to be better. Marvin is a blueprint of the better man and he exists to better those around him. Marvin is a friend of yours and mine. Marvin is a platform that explores the issues both negative and positive in our new South Africa. He interrogates and celebrates the status quo and pushes boundaries to be a better man. He sits not at Thee table but would rather create his own. Marvin says hes a better man. He is a 18-25 year old gentleman. He is what you would call a futurist, a visionary – a fan of man! He knows where he comes from and with this knowledge he produces a surety of where he is headed. He believes in everything South African from its identity thats forever defining itself – to its individuals that collectively strives for something much better.

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Marvin’s location

Marvin lives in a loft suite apartment within the urban areas of the Republic of South Africa. He is into his own kind of home design, he believes in a practical but comfortable aesthetic that makes it easier but more exciting to live. Marvin has an eye for design. something old and something  new is the motto for his living space, architectural influences run through his home and technology plays a pivotal part in creating it. Marvin believes in DIY.

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Marvin Kinda Guy

Marvin is brand conscious, he is aware that the brands he associates himself with are a reflection of who he is. Marvin is always looking stylish and always knows what’s new and fresh regarding fashion, he curates only the best for himself. The city, Melrose Arch, Parkhurst are the places where you would find him either working on a project or just having coffee with his friends. Marvin has options of using his car, Gautrian, and/or Uber taxi. Marvin loves a good holiday in Cape Town for a weekend away with his beautiful girlfriend just to get away from the hustle and of Johannesburg. Marvin believes in travelling light, he doesn’t believe in wallets and handbags, because he simply can have all the information in his phone via passbook (iPhone App). Marvin is always up to date with the ever changing world that we live in. He makes sure that he is aware of current trends and what they rest of the world is going with technology. He loves cars and architecture, penthouses and lofts.

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A Marvin kinda guy, is that guy that respects his craft, believes in the impossible and never gives up because being normal is not a option. Marvin believes that no man can make it out of this world alone and he is part of society – he recognizes that he needs partner. Marvin loves to plays sport and casually spends time with his friends over beer. He enjoys a jog every now and again and keeps strict diet.

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