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An illustration Kickstarter project by Simóne van der Spuy

 An illustration Kickstarter project by Simóne van der Spuy

Today we chat to Simóne van der Spuy who tells us about her project on Kickstarter

My name is Simóne van der Spuy. I graduated at the end of last year with a degree in visual communications (majoring in illustration), and spent the last six months of 2014 writing and illustrating a book for our last self-motivated brief. The Extra-ordinary mind of Petula Primrose is a 23 page full colour book about a little girl who questions everything in the world around her. I based the story on the inquisitive nature of children, I decided to do this because as I’ve grown up I have noticed how adults seem to lose the sense of wonder and curiosity that we are all born with. There is also a sense of honesty and innocence that children possess that is really beautiful. We seem to become prone to accepting things at face value instead of looking beyond what what we think we see, and it is quite a mystery as to why this happens. I based the storyline on real statements that children have made, such as: “It would be beautiful and inspiring if it snowed in colours other than white.” The book comes with a magnifying glass, which goes with the theme of looking at things in more depth and detail than usual. Many times things are not as they seem! Throughout the story, Petula challenges the situations around her, she asks questions that make one think. The Extra-ordinary mind of Petula Primrose is a children’s book, although there are aspects of the book that could appeal to adults as well. I have decided to use Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform to get my book published. Any support/ donations would be greatly appreciated!


Why Kickstarter

My friend told me about Kickstarter and once I started watching people’s videos, I was immediately hooked on the idea of the creative process being a collaborative thing. I could go through the process of trying to find companies who would be willing to publish my book, but this route seems more appealing. I have no idea if it will work, but it’s definitely worth a try!

My other goals would be to raise enough funds to print and manufacture my other illustrations from ‘Simonster illustration and stuff’ onto products that could be sold and shared online. These include a child superhero series, valentines day cards, birthday cards, African themed christmas cards and much more. It would be really great to ‘kickstart’ my illustrations into success.

To anyone who would like to back the project please follow the below links



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