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Getting to know Creative Director and Editor of Dossier Magazine Mia Ziervogel

 Getting to know Creative Director and Editor of Dossier Magazine Mia Ziervogel

If you’re looking for an inspirational woman, look no further than Dossier Magazines owner , Creative Director and  Editor Mia Ziervogel.

We got the opportunity to pick her brain, and find out more about this talented lady

You started Dossier Magazine in 2006, what has been some of the highs and lows of running a magazine independently?

Creative freedom is a wonderful thing, especially  since I spent the first 25 years of my career with very little creative flexibility as a commercial photographer.When I  started as photographer , things were very rigid, and I was always more of a creative photographer as apposed to a technical photographer. I always knew that wanted to publish a magazine, as I thought I had something different to bring to the market.

I would say it is near impossible to publish an independent publication, and I think at the moment it is becoming even harder. The publishing industry, wether it is newspapers or magazines, is in a state of flux.


What was the inspiration behind starting your own magazine?

The fashion/lifestyle magazines available when we started was really boring, I thought I could offer something different.

What are some of the challengers of working in print in a digital age?

The biggest challenge is getting media houses and advertisers to understand the shift to digital. It is about reaching the right readership, but it seems to me that the media shops still use out dated systems to chose publications to advertise in.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be?

Some of the international brands have policies of only advertising in “international” publications. I think that is terribly unfair.


Apart from being creative director and editor for Dossier, what hidden talents/passions do you have?

I paint, not for anything else but fun.

What words of advice/encouragement would you give to somebody who wants to start their own magazine?

I would never encourage anyone to start a magazine! Funny but true. I think in future magazines with a targeted theme and readership will do well. In SA, our décor and food magazines are really good, so there is no need for another title. I do however think there is a need for a great “youth” culture magazine, but I am not sure how you deal with that market as they change how they get content or communicate with each other all the time.


What can we expect from Dossier in the future?

We will be monthly this year as we have managed to get an incredible team of writers together who can generate fantastic content.



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