As measurability becomes increasingly more crucial for clients and media buyers, Cinemark is spearheading a first in cinema buying in this country. The launch of Cinemark’s Guaranteed Audience Package now offers an auditable audience to advertisers as guaranteed audience numbers – regardless of attendance figures and content – will be delivered.

“It is worth noting that cinema and digital channels are now the only media types that provide an empirically audited audience. We are not relying on surveys and sample panels to establish the scale of our viewership” says Ryan Williams, Group Sales Strategy and Marketing Executive at Primedia.

In the global market, the advent of guaranteed audience delivery in cinema has seen the medium become the fastest growing media type after digital investments.  Not surprising, then, that Cinemark is embarking on what is seen internationally as best practice in cinema advertising.

Cinema as a medium now offers advertisers the very best of both worlds. It continues to offer a unique environment where the audience is there because they love the movie experience and are completely immersed in the content – both adverts and the movie* itself. “It now also offers advertisers the opportunity to pick the exact size of the target market they’d like to reach, with a proven ROI on cost per 1000,” adds Williams.

Added to this, 2015 is looking set to be the biggest year in cinema history. Fifty Shades of Grey recently broke box office records in SA, and with titles such as Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Fast & Furious 7, Spectre, the Minions movieand The Avengers:  Age of Ultron coming soon, both audiences and advertisers will not be disappointed.

“The spectacular content, combined with Guaranteed Audience, offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to reach the right target audience engrossed in the medium itself. We will be flighting the best possible line-up in a no-clutter, high-noting environment to be consumed by a captive, opt-in audience who want nothing more than to be entertained. The current content slate allows us to do this with a level of confidence we haven’t seen for some time and 2015 looks set to deliver guaranteed entertainment with guaranteed impact for advertisers,” comments Scott Lawrence, National Sales Manager, Cinemark.

The opinion that, not only will 2015 be a great year for cinema, but that cinema will continue to deliver a great experience for audiences and advertisers alike, is backed by reports such as the PWC Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014-2018, South Africa.  Box office resilience underscores the continuing popularity of the cinema experience and the fact that the entire viewing experience has undergone a profound change with the introduction of digital screens, IMAX and Cine Prestige will ensure that cinema offers advertisers the opportunity to deliver a truly immersive experience.**

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*Millward Brown research – The latest research from Millward Brown shows that ad noting increases by an average of 38% when using cinema in combination with television, making cinema an increasingly important vehicle to improve advertising ROI. The take-out of cinema advertising is stronger probably due to the big screen impact, fewer interruptions and distractions, as well as a more engaged target audience in an attentive frame of mind. The study also shows that cinema is particularly effective to reach male and youth audiences, so cinema presents value to the advertiser both from a commercial impact of cinema as well as the visual impact.

** PWC Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014-1018 South Africa.

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