OSAAT inspiring SA schools from the International Space Station


Child-headed households. Absentee teachers. Facilities that should be demolished. We all know the social issues the average child is dealing with. So how do you keep kids like this inspired, motivated and believing that jobs and careers are a possibility for them?

 One School at a Time (OSAAT) doesn’t think small. These kids don’t need more small in their lives. That’s why they secured Russian cosmonaut, Gennady Padalka, to do a recorded broadcast from space to school children in Soweto, on 17 April 2015, as he orbited over Africa. A world-first initiative of its kind and magnitude – a giant leap to improve our education system.  

They now need your help to inspire  children across the country and encourage sponsorships that will enable them to make an even bigger difference to sub-standard schools in South Africa. 

Watch and share thier Youtube video, follow  on Twitter @OSAAT_SA and join the #RFTS (Reach For The Stars) conversation.


Web Page: www.oneschoolatatime.co.za 

Twitter: @OSAAT_SA 

Hashtag: #RFTS 

Facebook: One School at a Time

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