Imagine what you could do if you harnessed the power of a craving. Well the Great Dlamini, as portrayed in a new ad from Chicken Licken, shows us just that. The TVC reimagines the classic tale of the escape artist in an African context and details the life and times of Henri Dlamini, the man who could escape anything. Anything but the craving

The ad, which was conceptualised by Net#work BBDO’s Coenie Grebe and Chad Goddard and directed by Terence Neale at Egg Films, is built on the premise that people can do unbelievable things by harnessing the power of the craving. “The craving exerts a force of formidable attraction; a force so strong it can inspire incredible feats of human achievement in pursuit of its satisfaction,” says Brad Reilly, ECD at Net#work BBDO.

BBDO’s Chief Creative Officer, Mike Schalit says that the team had a tough act to follow in their previous work from earlier in 2015 – the Bang Bang Mix 15 Bucks campaign. “I’ve said it before, but the relationship we have with the Chicken Licken team, and the in-depth understanding we’re fortunate to hold on the brand allows us to deliver brave and challenging work time and again. This piece is no different.”

Goddard and Grebe, the creative pair behind the concept say that the treatment of the new ad married a cinematic scope with the visceral texture of an aesthetic inspired by the vibrancy and colour of Africa. “The ad has a strong African inspiration but is meshed with non-African influence. A good example of this is the sound-track – a reorchestration of Louis Prima’s Sing, Sing, Sing Big-Band classic. The pace and energy it brings to the piece is fantastic.”


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