Interview with Contemporary Artist Andrew Cooper


Who is Andrew Cooper and what do you do?

I’m a self-taught Cape-based contemporary artist. Over the past 20 years I’ve focused on sea and landscapes. I’ve exhibited throughout South Africa and in the States and the UK. My premiere major American exhibition was the 2004 International Art Expo in New York City and I’ve exhibited work at the Smithfield Gallery in London.

How would you define your style or art?

A combination of realism and surrealism capturing the subtle nuances of light and often exaggerating light & colour for effect. 



What inspires your work?

The beauty of my surroundings and especially the light we get in the Cape. I like to capture those moments in time that often leave you breathless when confronted with a breathtakingly beautiful view. I like to recreate what I see for other people.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on expanding my mystical painting collection, which is very exciting and allows me to be as creative and free thinking as possible. I have finished a commission for a client of Elands Bay, as well as a painting of fishing huts near Simonstown. Both of these can be viewed on my website. I’m busy with a commission for the Arniston Hotel, which is a panorama of the fishing village, bay and hotel. I have also just completed a piece entitled ‘Leopard’s View’ which I’m donating to the annual Cape Leopard Trust Foundation fundraiser in August.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

It’s important that you have a secondary income so you’re not totally reliant on your artwork. Keep your art a passion or hobby and while doing so approach galleries with a good collection of your work. Be careful not to launch yourself too soon, and perhaps ask a fellow artist with more experience to critique your work. This can only help you to improve and ensure that when a gallery does take your work that it will sell and you can turn your passion into a career.

AC0029 - tranny024

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Besides many smaller events, probably the one that stands out more recently is a German art collector/patron of the arts investing in several of my art pieces. I travelled to Germany in collaboration with Red The Gallery at his request to feature in a live paint jam during an art exhibition. (Paint jam is an event where an artist will start & finish a manageable size  painting in an evening in front of you; which is then auctioned off to benefit in this case Rotary)

Where can our readers follow your work? or 021 712 4674

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AC0030 - tranny025

AC0032 - Fantasy002

AC0035 - Angel

AC0087 goldengate sunflowers

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