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With a cinema campaign that has seen the all new BMW i8 launched in an innovative and adrenaline-packed way, BMW and Cinemark have boosted this brand extension within BMW on the most effective platform: the big screen.

“The campaign recently ran in cinemas and what really stood out about the activation is that it capitalised on areas that are unique to the big screen such as the cinema walls, the Incredible Dolby’s sound technology at a 5.1 mix and the fact that 80% of the ad is in a dark cinema, thus enhancing sensory experiences for the audience,” comments Marketing Manager for Cinemark, Yvonne Diogo.

Managing Director for Vizeum Johannesburg, Kelvin Storie, explains that the activation saw the audience thrilled and teased as a blank screen stood before them, with only the sound of electric currents throbbing through the cinema. “Bolts of light crawled down the cinema walls, towards to the screen. When they reached the screen, there was a large electric bang that ignited the screen and revealed the new BMW i8,” he says.

Combining the entire sensory experience of the cinema with the new and exciting extension of the BMW brand, the campaign showed just how limitless this type of advertising and marketing can be and the incredible impact that it can make.

Diogo, says, “If you want advertising that packs a punch, cinema is the way to do it. Never will your audience be so captive, never will their senses be so heightened. The highly successful BMW i8 campaign has proved that once again it is always better on the big screen.”

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