20 Funny Posters of characters in all ad agencies


Thanks to the folks at  NYC agency Mizaplas  we have been blessed with Workwankers: a hilarious set of posters dedicated to the scum of the work environment.

Check out the posters below and see if you have any of these people in your agency / studio.

Screen  3.40.38 PM Screen  3.41.12 PM Screen  3.41.52 PM Screen  3.43.34 PM Screen  3.43.48 PM Screen  3.45.30 PM Screen  at 3.40.17 PM Screen .52 PM Screen 3.40.02 PM Screen 3.41.04 PM Screen 3.41.18 PM Screen 3.41.26 PM Screen 3.41.32 PM Screen 3.41.41 PM Screen 3.42.05 PM Screen 3.43.41 PM Screen 3.45.36 PM Screen Shot 3.39.33 PM Screen t 3.39.42 PM Screen t 3.40.25 PM

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