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In South Africa, soccer and vuvuzelas goes hand-in-hand. Castrol and Ogilvy Cape Town worked hand-in-hand to create vuvuzelas with a multi-purpose; offering fun and enjoyment at soccer games and also ensuring drivers arrive home safely.

The breathalyzer test is the most commonly used method for alcohol testing, but can be extremely invasive. Castrol combined the breathalyzer that everybody hates and the vuvuzela that everybody loves to create the Castrol Vuvu-Lyza. This innovative invention is giving drivers who love soccer a safer experience after a night out. After the game, drivers simply blow their Vuvu-Lyza and green means go and red means that they are above the legal drinking limit and should not drive.

“We are so proud of this safety initiative inspired by something so synonymous with our local football culture. We are sure the Vuvu-Lyza will be a hit once it becomes available to public”, said Pooja Desai, Passenger Car Oils Manager of Castrol South Africa.

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