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The Evolution of Colour

 The Evolution of Colour

The dynamism of colour has always played an integral part of my work. In this 8 piece collection of paintings my intention was to focus and showcase the visual impact of how I treat colour as an element of design in my art making process…and then to take it one step further.

By deconstructing the brush stroke process as a delivery for colour I have chosen to intensify the end result, and so the conversation becomes more about the mechanics of how the colours at the edge of their respective spectrums interact with each other, driving narrative and emotion to a level of visual tautness until the brush stroke itself shatters into sparks of colour and all that is left is a resonant core. It is at this point that the subject matter can occupy its own space and meaning.

The process relies on a building up of layer upon layer, washes and glazes placed on top followed by an excavation or scraping away and revelation of what lies beneath. What is revealed is then given its own moment to shine in the context of the overall design and textural landscape.

The pieces arrive at a sensitive stage for the viewer. They are vivid, but controlled, thought out yet spontaneous, hinting at questions, poetry, memories and wish fulfilment as a vessel for the colours that carry them.

– By Robert Greeff

Allegorical Bird

Come with me, Ill light the way

Eyes are shaped like leaves, mouths are shaped like leaves and goodbyes are shaped like leaves, but my love, that is the shape of a tree

In the fields of Peacock Dreams

Let me, Oh let me bathe my soul in the colours, let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow

The Illustrated man strikes a pose

The Last Dance

To be alive, I say the colours must swirl


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