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Johnnie Walker, a leading global Scotch Whisky brand, has unveiled a worldwide campaign that takes a closer look at the some of the most successful actors, professionals, entrepreneurs and artists to see what they have in common.

Progress has been at the heart of our brand since our founder, John Walker, began perfecting the art of blending almost 200 years ago right through to today, where Johnnie Walker has become the leading Scotch whisky in the world. Over the centuries, Johnnie Walker’s philosophy of celebrating and acknowledging those who have progressed in their own journeys has inspired many around the world to pursue their own dreams and achievements.

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However, over time, this notion that one can progress in the face of adversity, if you are tenacious, have self-belief, hope, stamina and a never say die attitude, has become out-dated. That once you have this success, you will then be happy.  Most of us have grown up believing this paradigm and haven’t done too badly but while this notion may have worked in its time, recent studies & experience have shown us that this is no longer relevant or true.

Progress doesn’t have to be an endless uphill journey, and in fact doesn’t ascribe to our previously held belief that working hard will lead to success, and success to happiness, but that the formula is actually the other way around.  Along our journey, we have discovered that in our constant push for progress, we miss out on something truly crucial – the enjoyment in the progress we are making, and that this enjoyment further fuels progress.

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The new campaign, Joy Will Take You Further, was locally introduced at an exclusive event in Johannesburg. Johnnie Walker hosted press and some of South Africa’s best and brightest, who were invited to join the new conversation. Global research indicates that those who embrace joy in their journeys progress the furthest. The launch of this ground-breaking campaign gave attendees the opportunity to reflect on how joy had found a place in their own success stories.

“As a brand with a 200-year legacy, Johnnie Walker is about progress and the journey that one embarks on to achieve success,” notes Gavin Krenski, brandhouse Marketing and Innovation Director. “The Joy Will Take You Further campaign embraces stories of those who have achieved remarkable things as a result of their positive outlook in life. As a result we have identified individuals, both locally and globally, who have embodied this philosophy of joyful progress, our JoyWalkers. At this stage we are delighted to announce our first South African JoyWalker, Benny Masekwameng, a top chef, beloved media personality and Master Chef SA Judge.”

Masekwameng shared his story about how his love for cooking goes back to his childhood when his mother ran an informal catering business. It is his passion, dedication and love for his work that has led to his success. He is an executive chef at the Mondo Vino Restaurant at Montecasino and Tsogo Sun’s own celebrity chef. Masekwameng’s says, “I am lucky in life that I have found success in a field that I am passionate about. This love has lead me to embrace all the wins, whether big or small. I am excited that Johnnie Walker has invited me to share my story and I hope to inspire others to embrace their own journey of success and experience the joy that comes with it.”

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In keeping with the brand’s exploration into journeys that embrace success, keynote speaker Marketing and Innovations Director at brandhouse Gavin Krenski shared the vision behind the new Johnnie Walker campaign (Joy Will Take You Further). Recently awarded the coveted Marketing Leadership and Innovation Award at the 2015 Loeries, Krenski continues to push the envelope when it comes to fresh ideas and concepts.

Top life coach and positive psychology expert, Justin Cohen, unpacked the scientific research that informs the Joy Will Take You Further campaign. A leading authority on human potential, Cohen engaged with attendees on motivation and leadership and how these traits can be incorporated to create successful journeys that focus on both small and big wins in order to create joyful experience. “When they take one of the most iconic lines in branding – “Keep Walking” – and bring this perspective of ‘walk with joy’ to it, you realize that there has been a seismic shift in the zeitgeist,” notes Cohen. “The obsession with the destination has given way to a joyful appreciation of the journey. As a positive psychology expert, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share the science on how joy truly does take us further and what we can do to create more of it in our lives.”

As the campaign continues to go locally, Johnnie Walker will share new additions to the prestigious list of JoyWalkers that will not only share their legacies, but truly South African stories as well. For more information please keep an eye on #WalkwithJoy for ongoing campaign developments.

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