Pollsmoor Prison: Die Glas Ennie Draad Short Film



Staged by students from the University of Cape Town, Die Glas Ennie Draad is a play that explores modern South African gang culture. It examines the causes and effects of a system that continues to attract thousands of young men from the Cape Flats into a life of crime and probable incarceration. A complicated system based on years of segregation, oppression and economic exclusion, gang activity in these areas continues to devastate communities and rob their youth of opportunities. Die Glas Ennie Draad combines poetry and movement to examine the lives of these young men that are often destroyed before having a chance to begin.

In May 2015, director Sandra Temmingh and actors Daniel Richards and Gantane Kusch brought Die Glas Ennie Draad to Cape Town’s Pollsmoor Prison, one of the most infamous maximum-security facilities in the country. Hundreds of members of the notorious ‘Numbers’ gangs are imprisoned behind its walls. Performing for the very people whose lives they are  exploring, Richards’ and Kusch’s goal is to drive positive social change and affect transformation through their art.

The production which was produced by Chritie Hollander’s Revel Productions is affiliated to the Ruben Richards Foundation, a South African non-profit organisation with a vision to facilitate healing in traumatised communities: http://rubenrichardsfoundation.org.za/index.php

On the 26th of November the Ruben Richards Foundation will be honoured with the IJR Reconciliation Award.


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