Tranquini – An easy flowing take on being a focused achiever


A new year brings with it the zeal for renewed focus to attain one’s goals; breakthrough insight, clear strategy that guides award winning creative work, and with this comes a good dose of caffeinated drinks to keep us awake and focused. There is a new kid on the block who is proposing an alternative to the palpitation peppered road to success – Tranquini.

The brand’s current ad puts a twist on the 2011 movie Limitless, where a near-homeless Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) comes across a miracle pill that energises and transforms him into the most focused and wanted man on earth. Contrary to Morra’s quest for the right surge of energy to take on his bleak existence, the Tranquini hero, rather drinks his relaxing potion to help him sync his thoughts as he calmly takes on his busy life’s daily tasks, bringing to life the product truth of being a relaxation drink.

An interesting angle indeed for the beverage industry which has seen double digit growth for the energy drinks category, which have traditionally positioned themselves as an antidote to lethargy and concentration level booster. The question of what exactly is in the beverage is aptly raised when the hero says “Even the impossible seems possible”, as he sees a reflection of a horse riding cowboy when he looks at himself cycle past a glass building. The company itself says their brand is not about advocating laziness nor bumming around, but rather being mentally relaxed yet focused and having an open and positive mindset.

A Halal certified and vegetarian friendly drink containing herb extracts and possessing no alcohol, Tranquini is said to relieve stress and reduce anxiety without making you drowsy. Interesting indeed, however I would not advise consumption straight after lunch as this may double the itis effect.

Could we possibly be seeing the beginning of brands embracing a counter-culture of JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out), where consumers aren’t sold the idea of being able to be up all night dancing at all the hottest events, or paying the price for all that fun by going into emergency cramming mode the night before an important paper? This all remains to be seen, but I think with all the racial tensions jump starting 2016. Being positively relaxed may not be a bad idea in helping one refocus on the yet to be achieved, or even broken new years’ resolutions.

-Lerato Moleko – Innovation Architect at Live+ Connectivation™ Agency

twitter: @koenamo, @CONNECTIVATION

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