When the chance of a lifetime knocks at your door, you don’t let it walk away. Dana Jacob certainly didn’t. With a shot at winning R40 000 cash, a R140 000 digital marketing package, a trip to London for Global Entrepreneurship Week AND a personal mentoring session with Sir Richard Branson on the cards, Dana didn’t even think twice. Not for the monetary prizes, though money = balling, but for the chance to meet him “in the flesh”. “I just want the opportunity to touch him” confessed Dana, “and absorb his powers”. She, in fact, has always been obsessed with the business guru, quoting him in almost every conversation, for instance “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over. I just fell over, like, five times”, she says.

Late last year, Sir Branson himself announced that he was looking for the next game-changing business idea. To be considered for the groundbreaking initiative, candidates had to pitch an inspiring 1 minute-long video or audio segment with their entrepreneurial dream. Creative Director, Filmmaker, Art Director, Designer, Artist and all-round creative mind, Dana, entered not 1, but 2 entrepreneurial visions. “When he didn’t respond to my Tweets, since 2009, I started leaving voicemails. Some heavy-breathing voice once got back to me and said that his number changed and I should never call again. So when I heard about the Dreamtrepreneur Competition, I saw it as a sign!”

A creative collaboration between herself and Adam Lomas (of Amersham fame) sees her pitching the ideas in the most unusual and amusing fashion.

The videos have been getting some online traction, not only for the business idea’s themselves, but for the witty and funny mockumentary style in which they are shot… And a modicum of ‘David Brent’ resonates throughout.

We’re not sure if Sir Richard has personally seen the videos, but the response has been overwhelming. We wish Dana all the luck with her entrepreneurial ventures and touching Sir Richard Branson.

The #Dreamtrepreneur competition was held by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin, The British Council and CliffCentral.

Dana is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dana.jacob.357

Twitter: @danaTHEDONjacob

Vimeo: danathedonjacob

YouTube: danaT

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