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Fingers do the painting with Anastasia Pather at the Heineken® Next Level Bar

 Fingers do the painting with Anastasia Pather at the Heineken® Next Level Bar

The Heineken® Next Level Bar in Braamfontein inspired Jozi to take their creativity to the next level with illustrated zine workshops, film screenings, fashion sales and interactive colour-in murals. Included in this was Anastasia Pather, who takes painting to the next level without the aid of brushes.

Finger painter Anastasia Pather has always been connected to art, describing it as ‘’an extra limb that grew with me as I grew.’’ Reluctant to describe herself as an artist, Anastasia has had great success with her All Eyes on Me installation at this year’s’ Joburg Fringe art event.

Anastasia redefines the notion that painters need brushes to paint. Her foray into finger painting began after her mentor advised her to “get over herself” and explore new directions in her work. Almost immediately Anastasia fell in-love with how natural paint felt on her hands and fingers, and has never looked back. Pouring, pushing and dropping paint has now become her way of feeling a connection with her work.

An abstract painter, Anastasia lets the paint respond to the canvas and merely “guides” it. Anastasia’s paintings evolve from the first mark or fling of paint she splashes on the canvas.

It’s an intuitive process of formation and response, figuring out how the work will develop and take shape.

Most of Anastasia’s paintings fall into the same colour palette. Seduced by turquoise and black, her paintings have a distinct aesthetic that features accents of gold leaf that shimmer and reflect light. This is evident in her painting All Eyes on Me that she created over the duration of the Joburg Fringe art fair. This work depicts a dark and turbulent sea, and amidst the crashing waves Anastasia filled in juxtaposing sets of eyes. More than mere detail, these eyes symbolise the number of people that came to see her painting and who engaged with her during the process, in real life and via social media. Needless to say this next level painting installation was a huge success with over five thousand eyes being added to the canvas.

Anastasia recently created another interactive experiential artwork inside the Heineken® The Next Level Bar. She said that this painting would “explore how a tactile finger painter can interact and navigate a virtual landscape.”









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