Maker Library Network welcomes Pretoria technologists Geekulcha


British Council Connect ZA is delighted to welcome Geekulcha to their network of makers and design-thinkers!

Geekulcha’s enthusiasm and eagerness to create a space for themselves within a broad community of makers, Information and Technology practitioners, trainers, digital developers and more is what secured them a spot in the network as Gauteng’s next Maker Library.

As Geekulcha, we are super thrilled to be joining the Maker Library Network. This is a step closer to having a state of more producers than consumers. We shall use this platform to seek and expose untapped talent of our country for the world to see. Connections and collaborations with makers in the UK and other countries through MLN is an enabler towards a unified and highly vibrant maker culture.”

Tiyani Nghonyama, librarian and COO of Geekulcha

The story of Maker Library Network and Geekulcha began before the open call put out by British Council Connect ZA. They participated in 2015’s Innovation ZA MLN workshops, which focused on creative applications of digital and analogue technology for real-world solutions. Impressed by their existing repertoire, and focus on skills development, MLN invited the crew to host their own Geekulcha Maker Library Network workshop during the festival. The success of their session, during which they conceptualized and built the “HacXercise” prototype (check it out here: &, led them to participate in the A.MAZE. independent gaming x MLN pop in Joburg townships Soweto and Alexandra.

Geekulcha, joined by new MLN counterparts from the United Kingdom, and for the first time Nigeria, embarked on a week-long induction to the MLN programme in Cape Town and Joburg. The newcomers were guided by experienced Librarians from across the country, including Heath Nash (75 Harrington, CT), Steve Gray (Makerspace, Durban) and Lyall Sprong (Thingking, CT).

“I am super excited about Tiyani and Geekulcha being part of the network. I think they have a huge amount of resources to offer the network and us. We can also give them a lot of interesting advice in terms of art making and design. Two different skill sets, two different kinds of making means we can enrich each other in some way.”

–  Heath Nash, MLN Librarian.

Established 15 March 2013, Geekulcha is focussed on empowering young geeks through ICT skills development and training while giving them a taste of what awaits them in the big bustling world through industry exposure.

Geekulcha creates and enables platforms for Innovation and Creativity to develop skills and help grow the socio-economic structures of our society. They champion hackathons, start-ups, Big/Open Data, STEM, Maker Culture, Cloud Computing, Digitalization and others to unearth Innovation and create Impact.

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