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The Hive Jo’burg: Johannesburg’s community of creative entrepreneurs

 The Hive Jo’burg: Johannesburg’s community of creative entrepreneurs

The Hive Jo’burg is an ecosystem for creative entrepreneurs created by Independents UnitedCreative Nestlings, Blacknation Media, and J&B Scotch Whisky to invest and realize the dreams of ordinary people in Johannesburg, South Africa. Established in November 2015 the purpose of The Hive is to  enable collaboration, skills and knowledge sharing and executing creative ideas within the community by providing the adequate support and resources.

All the members of the Hive are game changers from different fields and industries –  digital innovators, designers, social entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, musicians, writers and strategists to name a few. Through The Hive, members receive support in the following four ways: training and coaching in business skills; funding for the expenses involved in realising their ideas; assistance in building relationships that promote professional and personal development and access to a network of influencers and industry experts.

“Collaboration is the core success of The Hive. We believe that by working together and sharing resources whether physical or mental with fellow Hive community members, we can get further faster. Ultimately we want to create a global community that stands together and supports each other so that future generations may live in a better world”, explains Andrew Simelane, co-founder of Blacknation Media.

The other core values that form part of the Hive’s Code of Conduct include respect for others, the work environment and the equipment provided. Members have to be open to sharing their skills and knowledge with everyone involved in a project. For the members to succeed an entrepreneurial mindset- they should be creatively confident, know when to ask for help, talk less and work faster. Furthermore, members of the Hive have to be able to balance their risks with rewards by planning accordingly.

“Together with our partners we have been able to change the way creative entrepreneurs are being supported. We are agile in our support and responsive to all the needs and challenges of the creative entrepreneurs because this guarantees success for each individual and the whole group. We are excited to see the projects come to fruition and the lessons learned in the whole process,” comments Dillion S Phiri, co-founder and Creative Director of Creative Nestlings.

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