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The Legalese Photographer’s Guide to Not Getting Sued

 The Legalese Photographer’s Guide to Not Getting Sued

The team at Legalese thought you’d be interested in something new that they’ve been cooking up in the office to help out all our photographer friends. They call it The legalese Photographer’s Guide to Not Getting Sued.

In response to receiving a fortune of questions about the ins and outs of the law around taking and using photographs, the team at Legalese have prepared a detailed and clearly laid out breakdown of the common, and slightly tricky, legalities surrounding photographs.

Whether you’re a photographer looking to protect your work or a photo-user wanting to ensure you aren’t using someone’s work unlawfully, this 20-super-varied-questions-and-answers-guide should help. The guide has been researched and written by qualified lawyers working in the commercial, intellectual property and creative sector space.

The guide covers photograph ownership, photography rights on social media platforms, photograph permission and steps to take when someone uses an image without such permission. It also cover the legalities around taking pictures in public and of public art.

The guide lives here: Photographer’s Guide to Not Getting Sued

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