follow up conversation with Illustrator and artist Walt Viviers


We first got to meet the vibrant artist Walt Viviers, when we first interviewed him back in 2014. And now he’s back with a bang and some serious inspiring work!

Hi Walt, welcome back to SA Creatives! What have you been up to since we last featured your work?

Since our last get together I’ve been focusing heavily on illustration, both traditional and digital. Between my commissioned illustration work and full-time job as a Creative Director, I’ve managed to squeeze in my latest ongoing project by developing my own IP: Apocalypse Meow!

Tell us more about your new project?

It’s all about this mutated cat named AyEm (short for Apocalypse Meow… A.M. ay-em, AyEm) the Zombie Slaying Cat who wonders the Mutated Earth to find answers to the Cataclysmic Apocalypse: an event where the whole Earth was showered in Radio Active Meteorites, mutating everything and everyone into new forms, sometimes amazing (like AyEm) and sometimes horrific like Zombies or Manimals.

What was the inspiration behind this?

The inspiration for all of this has been the epic wave of entertainment that we’ve been enjoying in this age of technology, shows like The Walking Dead (as well as the comic book), RPG’s like Fallout (and Skyrim), Cartoons like Adventure Time and Animated Shows like Attack on Titan (as well as the Manga). Also, the countless brilliant comic books and graphic novels that I consume regularly (support your local comic book shop). All of these franchises are epic and (I feel) don’t compromise on creativity or vision to reach an audience. In the past, I’ve been too heavily focussed on making what I think other people would like (as I’m sure a lot of artists or people in general do) but this year I feel inspired to make stuff that I specifically like. Stuff I want to read or put up on my walls, a huge project that I can nibble on for many years to come.

What are your creative plans for 2016?

My creative plan for 2016 is to really focus on refining my illustration style and IP. You can find my commission and personal artworks on my website or you can follow me on where I post my art as well as suggest comic books, reading materials and resources that could help any aspiring cartoonists, illustrators or world-builders out there. I draw primarily in ink and pen, and colour in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet, all of which I share on Instagram.

Keep on Arting fellow Creatives, and remember that you are your first and most important fan. Peace!











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