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Red! the Gallery paints up the jam!

 Red! the Gallery paints up the jam!

Cape Town, 18 April 2016), Red! the Gallery is inviting art lovers to come along to an exciting night of Paint Jam, on Wed, 21 April from 19h30 with renowned artist Derric van Rensburg. A Paint Jam event is like no other event. While you tuck into a scrumptious three course dinner and sip on a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet, Derric will reveal how he brings a painting to life right in front of your eyes.

For centuries it was tradition to spend a great deal of time perfecting a masterpiece. Michelangelo  spent four years painting the Sistine Chapel. This pre-modern theory of quality assumed that craftsmanship was necessary for the production of great art that was until the modernists came along and decided that other attributes like spontaneity, surprise and intuition were just as desirable in a work of art.

Pablo Picasso was one of many early modernists to break the norm of time-consuming art. He could well be called the father of a modern technique used around the world called speed painting. In his career of about 70 years it’s estimated that he produced approximately 50 000 works of art. That works out to 2 pieces a day including weekends.

We spoke to Dave Endean, owner of Red! the Gallery and landscape artist Derric van Rensburg to share some light on what guests can expect at this week’s Paint Jam.

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What is a paint jam?

A paint jam demonstrates the techniques used in speed painting, but is a term borrowed from what is known as a music jam. They both showcase the artist’s work and demonstrates what they can produce under pressure. In speed painting the artist has a limited time to finish the work, which means the artist needs to have a deep understanding of their subject matter and know exactly how they want their painting to look on completion.

What will Derric paint?

Derric will be painting a landscape or portrait, but will only know for sure the moment he picks up his paintbrush. The music, atmosphere of the evening and even the mood he is in will influence what he paints on the night.

How long will the painting take to complete?

The painting will take no more than 30 to 45 minutes. This ensures the audience is kept entertained.

What is Derric’s style of painting?

It varies between impressionism and graphic impressionism. In earlier years he focused his efforts on wildlife first in watercolour and then later in acrylic. In 1990 he moved to using strong colourist impressionism of wheat fields and vineyards.

Derric’s painting will be auctioned at the end of the night. Guests will be spoilt with a three course dinner. To book your seat at Red! the Gallery please call 021 7010886, or email Tickets cost R350 per person. For more information please go to or FB


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