Manhattan Sweets launched their “Now that’s real sweet” campaign at selected Ster-Kinekor cinemas in December 2015, featuring the range of sweets that Manhattan has to offer. The outcome was real sweet as the sweets took on a larger than life stardom on the big screen.

“The objective of the campaign was to launch our first Manhattan commercial to moms with kids  under the age of 12. We needed an impactful launch, while working with a limited budget,” says M&C Saatchi CONNECT Strategist, Rita Nel.

She explains that the campaign was tactical, where they only targeted selected cinemas in areas where Manhattan has a good distribution. The team also targeted family movies that moms and kids would be watching together.

“Cinema allowed us to focus on tactical activity only in relevant areas, where moms and kids are excited and shopping in a mall, thus they are close to the moment of purchase. The campaign is also light hearted so we wanted to tap into that family-fun mood,” Nel says.

The big screen feature of these delicious sweets, which have had a brand reputation since 1948, have resulted in a successful return both in terms of sales and brand awareness. Manhattan Sweets are now true movie celebrities, appealing to the audience that finds them most enticing.


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