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An exciting new South African writer, Daniel de Kock, recently published his first book called Unfinished Conversations – under the pseudonym Daniel D.

The book contains a collection of fictional short stories with South African characters set in Cape Town, Centurion, Randburg and Mozambique, to name but a few. Each story is full of surprises and the main theme is that awkward feeling one gets when something happens to someone else with whom you still wanted to complete an ‘unfinished’ conversation. The book includes lots of comedy, drama and suspense and each story also has a bit of a twist.

Daniel is a project manager at a small IT company in Pretoria, and decided to start writing after one of his good friends, Tony Boucher, died of cerebral malaria just over a year ago. Tony had been working on a project in central Africa and upon his return started feeling sick and weak. A few days later, he fell asleep – never to wake up again. He was diagnosed with cerebral malaria, which led to a coma and caused a complete and irreversible loss of all his brain functions. He died a few days after that.

The sudden demise of his friend left Daniel with some questions regarding all the conversations he still would have liked to have with Tony. This inspired him to start writing some fictional stories about people and their unfinished conversations. Being an avid reader himself, Daniel said that most of the stories came naturally to him and the hardest work was the research into locations, diamonds, court proceedings and crime in general.

Book Cover

The stories portray ordinary people influenced by extraordinary circumstances and the way characters are interweaved into a web of shock, laughter and emotional trauma is captivating. Whether it is the mysterious diamond trader Julian Sullivan or the strange abilities of the twin teenagers Joshua and Lilly, the book will keep you nailed to your seat until the very last page.

The editor of Unfinished Conversations made the following comment: “I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and found the book hard to put down at the end of each day. I particularly enjoyed the way characters from one story were woven into other stories – nicely done and very entertaining.”

Daniel is currently working on his third book called Twenty Eight – a novel about a desperate man trying to change the destiny of an entire country. His second book, Asphyxia, is a fantastic crime thriller and is currently under review at a number of South African publishing houses.

You can find your copy of Unfinished Conversations here: or simply search the internet for Unfinished Conversations, Daniel D.

Once you’ve located the Amazon page, feel free to click on look inside (just above the picture of the book cover) for a sneak preview into the first story called ‘The JJ’s’.



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