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It’s not every year that you celebrate your 20th Anniversary and so we have produced the “heritage” edition, an edition this year which celebrates this important milestone with a cover that happily and boldly shows who we are and where we have come from during the past 20 years.

Following on from last year’s guide where we radically changed the design elements within the book, this year we have retained these elements and improved them, rendering The Guide up to date with the latest and greatest décor and design trends, while reflecting cultural and social change. Complete with an eye catching new look, fresh content and intriguing editorial offerings, we believe that we have achieved just that and more.

The new and improved edition of The Guide is packed full of everything you need in order to create beautiful spaces. We begin by helping the reader to realise their design vision with Marcia’s Solutions – whether it’s deciding what flooring to install or learning how to turn your bathroom into a sought after sanctuary. Plus, Marcia has hunted down an array of must have products for stylish homes, from decorative accessories to furniture for outdoor spaces and so much more, which can be found in the Marcia Loves It features.

The core of The Guide remains the same with thousands of entries covering top local interior designers, as well as household goods, design manufacturers, service providers and suppliers.We have also revised the layouts of these listings and altered the formats of selected chapters and categories to make them more user friendly and visually appealing. We have revamped the internal layouts and you will notice a lot more colour in the pages of the guide this year.

In addition, the impressive 2017 edition includes an incredibly exciting competition offering readers the chance to win a Décor Makeover for their home worth R90 000 from some of South Africa’s top décor suppliers: Sutherlands Home Furnishings; Mobelli Outdoor Furniture and Sealy Posturepedic Bedding.

Still keeping up with the digital world, our website is continuously being improved to ensure that our clients are showcased in the best possible way. Our Decorlogue and Decorshop are proving very popular with our online communities and shoppers. The social media team working on the Marcia Loves It! blog work in synergy with the website to support our growing legion of online advertisers. Visit to see this world class website.
Q&A with Marcia Margolius

With this outstanding book celebrating its 20th year, having served prominently as a comprehensive and essential buyers’ guide, founder Marcia Margolius gives us a few insightful answers:

How did SA Décor & Design start, what was the inspiration and motivation?
I had spent an eventful year as the chairlady of the Guild of Interior Designers and during that time I had numerous requests for information on where to source décor products. It was a light-bulb moment, as nothing existed 20 years ago that supplied this sort of information.

And the actual start-up process?
I made contact with a publisher who loved the concept but it all depended on what the market thought. I went out to see the major suppliers at the time and it soon became clear that this was exactly what the industry needed. Almost all booked space immediately and that really got the ball rolling. The first issue was completed in the spare room of my parents’ house in 1997.

What were the most trying aspects of getting it off the ground?
Well, when you have no set infrastructure to work with you need to create all the systems, and then need to deal with a publisher in Johannesburg – it’s never easy. I remember we had to fly down an editor from Johannesburg who spent a month living in the upstairs room of my parents’ home. The design was outsourced so the co-ordination of the first issue was very challenging.

What were the funniest / most surprising moments?
After the first edition, which was a huge success, I fell pregnant with my first child, Jarryd, and realised it would be impossible for me to put together issue number two by myself. Ian Hurwitz joined me in 1998 and although he had no publishing or advertising sales background (much like me), he soon found himself in Johannesburg being delivered from one appointment to the next by a student driver we employed.

Have things progressed as planned with the book?
When Ian joined, we got really organised – moved to proper offices at Victoria Junction in Green Point and started expanding both the sales offering and the size of the team. Every year we grew exponentially and we developed really well over the next few years. Not without its challenges though. I remember that in 2002, the year my second child Darin was born, we were smack bang in the middle of editing and finalising the book when the editor decided to take leave, right then in the middle of everything. And the head designer emigrated half way through the job! So that year stands out as really tough, dealing with all of this and a newborn.

How has SA Décor & Design changed over the years?
The size of the book and team that puts it together has definitely grown and we have been fortunate enough to have a loyal and long-serving team to help compile the guide. The biggest change recently has been the impact that digital is having on the business, and our moves towards embracing this genre.

What were your personal highlights of putting this book together over the past 20 years?
All the people I have met and worked with over the years, and now that I have my blog it has made things even more hectic. It makes me tremendously proud when I visit suppliers and see all 19 books lined up next to each other and to know that both my business and I are well respected.

What are your plans for the future of SA Décor & Design?
The book still has its place in the industry and we are not only doing the print version, the digital version is also doing well. The new website and my blog – Marcia Loves It – have to be the focus over the next few years as the digital explosion continues. The website has become a huge contributor to the business and will continue to be so in the future.

Thanks to all our loyal and supportive clients and industry bodies who have shown that what we do is important for the décor industry in South Africa.


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