A work of art by Faatimah Mohamed-Luke


Tessellat: Rectangular

Designer name:        Faatimah Mohamed-Luke
Product title:             Tessellat: Rectangular
Materials:                   14 208 pieces of ABS plastic building blocks
Item dimensions:      1420 x 1820 x 25 (h x l x w in mm)
Currently:                  A New Wave exhibition at Southern Guild gallery Cape Town until 23 September 2016




Artwork Synopsis:

This piece uses 14208 pieces of plastic building blocks to produce and highlight the art of tessellation. Tessellation is a highly symmetric, edge-to-edge tiling using a simple shape to create intricate patterns, usually done with porcelain or ceramic cuttings. This piece hopes to recreate that art form in a modern way. The colours and patterns are inspired by multiple African craftworks e.g. basket weaving, beadwork and wax prints. Coming from a country with such a rich mixed heritage, it’s a constant struggle to find an authentic African identity that appeals to and unites many South Africans. At first glance this rectangle appears beautifully simple, but upon closer inspection one notices intricate details which relates to our heritage, be it in the combination of colours that make up the flag that speaks to ones heritage or a pattern formation that resembles a piece of jewelry common in ones culture. The medium itself creates nostalgia and relevance at the same time and is appreciated by all ages and backgrounds.

About the Artist

Faatimah Mohamed-Luke is a 34 year old designer who lives in Milnerton, Cape Town with the husband, the kid and 2 cats.

To find out more about Faatimah, check out her instagram profile:  http://www.instagram.com/lucky_lady_luke/

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