Artrepreneur: A Field Guide for Creative Professionals by Lukas de Beer


Review written by Melissa Bam – @melissabam 

Artrepreneur is one of those books that fills me with immense excitement! It is written by an Artrepreneur that shares his wisdom with fellow creatives, something that is not often seen in this industry marked by selfishness!

Artrepreneur addresses the tension between the magical world of creativity and the harshness of the ‘real’ world. It takes a profoundly wholistic approach when dissecting the concept of being, both, an artist and a Bussiness. Lukas de Beer’s writing covers an entire spectrum of components that make up the complex being that is an artist, all the while keeping a firm grip on the realistic elements that is needed to become an Entrepreneur.

It constantly challenges the reader to confront their crippling habits and to evaluate the authenticity of who they are as an artist.

This book explores the artist as a creative, emotional and relational being and tackles the internal struggles as well as the external challenges they face.

It also examines the reason behind the art that is created and equips the Artrepreneur to purify these motives, so that they may create art that is bona fide.

My personal favourite is the section on success vs meaning. Lukas completely flips the script on the conventional ideals that we are bombarded with when it comes to defining what is meaningful and what is successful.

Artrepreneur puts an urgent emphasis on balance in the way the reader approaches everything regarding their Bussiness. This is to allow both the creative world and the real world to marry and thus produce an Artrepreneur who understands the value of both these realms.

This book is encouraging and leaves one with a deep sense of value for the potential imbedded in oneself. Artrepreneur will ignite a fire in your belly to pursue excellence in your artistry and will enable you to view yourself as a legitimate business.



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