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Q&A with the makers of Ndebele inspired furniture

 Q&A with the makers of Ndebele inspired furniture

Q: Who started Urban Native ? 

A: It was started by myself , Mpho Vackier, an interior designer who is passionate about good design that does not compromise on functionality. Prior to my interior design career I worked as a process engineer at a couple of Platinum mines.

Q:Who is in the team and how long have you been around ? 

A: I (Mpho Vackier) am the CEO, head designer and tea lady at Designpeo.  My husband is my Chief of Operations, and we have a freelance design assistant. We are currently working with an off-site manufacturer.  We started the company in 2015 September after we were given a chance to exhibit at the Decorex in Johannesburg.


Q:What elements around you inspire your style of creation and  Who inspires your style of work ?

A: Our new furniture  line is called Urban Native and it is  influenced by Scandinavian and Mid-Century aesthetic but differentiated by African cultural graphics and motifs , at this moment specifically Ndebele graphics. (inspired by the work of Ndebele artists like Esther Mahlangu).

Q: What is the businesses unique selling point ?

A: Our unique selling points are that our designs are inspired by cultural African patterns/forms/lines and we constantly explore how these design elements can be reinterpreted and made relatable and relevant to the modern urban citizen.


Q: What would you say are the businesses highlights ? 

A: Some of our highlights are:

-Launching our furniture at the Hello Ambassador 2016 Expo this year

-Managing to have our furniture showcased and sold (end of October) at the newly opened gallery/creative collective shop: Golden Goose Artistry in Pretoria.

-Managing to create interest overseas about our products

-Our biggest highlight this year (November 2016) will be to have two our chairs at a business conference in Florida- Orlando; where individuals like Calvin Klein, John Travolta and 50Cent will be interviewed while sitting on our chairs 🙂

Q: If someone wanted to purchase your furniture where would they get it ?

A: They could order it from our website or contact us directly at


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