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A Performance Artist By Passion

 A Performance Artist By Passion

Outside of Joe Public, Buyani Duma is a performance artist and co-creator of FAKA, a performance art collective founded by Buyani Duma and Thato Ramaisa.

FAKA is a concept the two best friends played with since 2013, officially launching it in 2015.

Since FAKA’s inception the duo have performed at the Stevenson Gallery, the Hazard Gallery and more recently at the 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, with inclusions at various group exhibitions in London, Stockholm, Rome, and Tokyo.

Their work seeks to reimagine the representation of black queer identities as a way to subvert the many misconceptions that prevent queer people from being recognised as pioneers in society. FAKA exists to challenge the intersectional body politics that affect black queer members of society, preventing them from entering and thriving in certain spaces.


“The experience I get from my performance art lends itself to the work I do at Joe Public and vice versa. At FAKA, purpose drives our creativity. This, I feel is the key to making great work,” adds Duma.

FAKA exist to use art as a tool to influence culture in a way that will help create a society that is safer for people with identities that are in conflict with mainstream ideologies.


“FAKA in Zulu means to penetrate and occupy, and that is something we do everyday by being visible as who we are in a heteronormative society,” added Buyani.

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