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New TVC In Savanna’s ‘Savanna’s Got Apples. Have You?’ Campaign Breaks


Distell’s premium cider brand, Savanna, is airing the second television commercial in a campaign developed by FCB Cape Town to entrench the brand’s new positioning: ‘Savanna’s got apples. Have you?

Targeting Savanna’s primary target market of young, sophisticated professionals who embrace the brand’s sharp-witted attitude, ‘Cards’ follows hot on the heels of the ad that launched the new positioning, ‘Buffet’.

Like ‘Buffet’, ‘Cards’ is spear-heading a full through-the-line initiative incorporating radio, digital, point-of-sale, print and activations.

The brief put to FCB Cape Town’s creative team of Executive Creative Director Mike Barnwell, Art Director Janine Caboz and Copywriter David Bassett by Distell’s Global Marketing Manager: Cider Gillian Skinner was to leverage the success of ‘Buffet’.

Satirising a High Noon stand-off between the hero and his boss at the annual office end-of-year party, ‘Buffet’ had a gritty, old school charm which softened the dig at the typical male confrontation scenario.

Directed by Greg Gray of Velocity Films in Cape Town, ‘Cards’ utilises the same technique. It features Louie toughing it out at a boy’s night poker session when his cellphone starts ringing. It’s his girlfriend, and he faces a potentially critical situation – lose the respect of his poker mates or head home later to the proverbial dog box. Louie opts to answer the call, brazening it out and eventually saying goodbye in a tone reserved for more private chats. He’s owned the moment and his mates can’t help but be impressed with his ballsy move. Oh, yes, Louie’s got apples.


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