When Appletiser was acquired by Coca Cola, Hunt Lascaris had to relinquish its relationship with the brand. The highly successful partnership has come to an end, not due to irreconcilable differences, but because global alignment dictated it.

Appletiser Global Head of Marketing, Andrea Shuttleworth, says Appletiser enjoyed a fantastic four-year relationship with Hunt Lascaris. “The agency understood our brand, delivered excellent work and was our partner rather than our supplier. We travelled an incredible journey together and our campaigns and activations over the past four years have seen the brand evolve to a very strong point globally.”

Hunt Lascaris business unit director, Debbie Pienaar, concurs: “We worked closely with the Appletiser team to showcase the brand by focusing on everything that is extraordinary about the product – the apple juice itself, the founder, the place it was created, the moments it is used to celebrate with and the people who consume it – thereby repositioning it to ‘For Everyday Extraordinary’.”

Appletiser and Hunt Lascaris have celebrated several crowning moments in the four years they have worked together, from the Game of Crowns promotion, to the memorable creation of limited edition packs and the unique Flip Can.

Shuttleworth says Appletiser requires out-of-the-box, first-of-a-kind ways of engaging consumers in the FMCG space. “We need concepts that are fun, entertaining and new in the category. Our aim is to drive engagement by pushing boundaries. And Hunt Lascaris has helped us do this since 2013.”

2016 has been a particularly remarkable year for the Appletiser / Hunt Lascaris team with the celebration of Appletiser’s 50th year. From creating a new 30” TVC that transports consumers on a nostalgic journey to sending one couple to the Royal Ascot and another to New York for New Year celebrations, 2016 has been all about creating extraordinary moments for Appletiser fans.

Shuttleworth went on to say, “Notably, the effective work relationship between Hunt Lascaris and Appletiser has translated into significantly strengthened brand attributes with an increase in the regular consumption of Appletiser over the duration of the partnership.”

Pienaar says the Appletiser team has always been open to great work, exploring unique ideas and working collaboratively. “We are incredibly sad to see our working relationship come to an end and are going to miss the lively exchange of ideas and resultant campaigns.”

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