Ubuthakathi: Alcohol and Roads Don’t Mix (Warning: Graphic)


‘Ubuthakathi’ (meaning ‘sorcery’), tells the story of how a night out with a group of friends ends in shocking tragedy. The film is part of December’s #BoozeFreeRoads theme of the Safely Home Calendar, the province’s year-round road safety communication strategy. More than 600 pedestrians are killed on Western Cape roads every year, with most of these victims being under the influence of alcohol.

Y&R Cape Town’s Creative Director, Nkanyezi Masango commented: “Most people have seen ‘Don’t drink and drive’ ads but ‘Don’t drink and walk’ is a new message to put out there. Essentially it’s all about how alcohol affects you and how the booze itself is a form of ‘Ubuthakathi’. Once you are intoxicated you become a frightening version of yourself that can lead to devastating consequences.”

Remarking on the film, Graham Lang, Y&R SA’s CCO, had this to say: “This is another brave film from a client that is willing to push the boundaries for a very necessary reason. It has been a privilege to collaborate on a project that aims to break destructive behaviour patterns in the hope that we can make our roads safer for all.”

The creative team from Y&R was Nkanyezi Masango, Gareth Cohen and Graham Lang. The film was directed by Keith Rose from Velocity Films and can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ8Jqj5xq5U.

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