Would you take a baby to a music festival? The answer is probably a resounding “no”. That is, unless you’re South African comedian, Loyiso Madinga, and a fun-loving brand that sells affordable travel packages to young people, Student Flights, convinces you to do so.

So why did Madinga accept? If he successfully cared for the baby (a baby bot, that is) at the festival and survived the challenge intact, Student Flights would reward him with an overseas trip.

The WiFi enabled #BabyBot can do just about everything a real baby does. It cries and needs regular diaper changes. Not only did Madinga agree to look after the baby, but he committed to sharing his experiences on social media. Follow the story on Instagram @loyisomadinga #BabyBot

TBWA\Hunt Lascaris creative director, Jenny Glover, says that #BabyBot campaign was all about showing its target audience that it’s better to travel before it’s not fun anymore. “By sending Loyiso to the last place on earth anyone would ever want to take a baby – robot or otherwise – Student Flights successfully conveyed the message that it’s better to travel when you’re young and unencumbered.”

“Here at TBWA Hunt Lascaris we don’t just make ads, we make babies. Well, robot babies. Our first-born weighs in at a healthy 15 kilograms, has one beautiful red eye and is completely WiFi enabled.  We call her BabyBot” says Glover.

BabyBot was designed and built by TBWA Hunt Lascaris very own computer robotics expert, who is part of the innovation department. BabyBot is loud, demanding and shows complete disregard for your personal time, sleeping patterns and social life.  A lively destroyer of fun, style, sanity and youthful abandon.

See how the story unfolds on Instagram @loyisomadinga #BabyBot

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