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A Chart with the website gurus-Woww

 A Chart with the website gurus-Woww

What is and what do you do?
We build amazing websites. Woww is a Cape Town based web studio that creates beautifully designed, affordable WordPress websites delivered in one week. Our websites come with a free domain and SSL Certificate, super fast and secure hosting, amazing support. It’s the easiest way to get online for anyone who wants to start a blog, online store, portfolio or business website.

How makes you guys any different from any other web dev/design business?
That’s our business pitch, but at heart, we’re a small family of tech enthusiasts. We have an awesome startup vibe (think Silicon Valley TV show), we’re passionate about web design with a focus on WordPress and drink a lot of coffee (Real coffee, none of that instant rubbish!). Our goal is to disrupt the local web design market and make beautiful quality web design accessible. We’re tired of large agencies charging ludicrous rates for work that in reality costs much less than what they charge.

What inspires your work?
We’re tired of seeing so many bad websites, we know it because one usually has to break the bank for a good design, so we’re driven to break that assumption and let people know they can have a great website at a reasonable rate.

What are you currently working on?
We’re continuously trying to streamline our service because the more we streamline the less work we have to do and the less our clients will have to pay. We’re focusing on marketing this year, as we’ve worked purely on referrals before.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?
Learn. Do as much a you can whenever you can. It’s hard to be a creative in the tech industry and the competition is fierce, so you have to be at the top of your game in order to succeed. So always be learning and improving to get that advantage.

How can a creative get involved in
We’re always looking to collaborate on projects, we have a couple freelancers that we work with and some open positions within the agency, so drop us an email on and we’ll be in touch.

Where can our readers follow your work ?
Our website showcases all of our latest demos and websites we work on, we also write weekly articles on web design trends and news. Check us out at:



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