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Vantage is a fashion photography collective

 Vantage is a fashion photography collective

What is Vantage and what do you do?

Vantage is a fashion photography collective founded by Morgan Rhoda, Stephanie Mzee and Chanezh Manuel. We focus primarily on creating editorials, look book and marketing visuals for upcoming fashion and fashion accessory designers.

What is a fashion photography collective?

A fashion photography collective is a group on individuals who focus on fashion related projects, by bringing together a certain skill set that will add value to the project. Each member of the group has a specific skill that is defined as a role. Morgan is our stylist. Stephanie is our creative director and Chanezh is our photographer. The collectives foundation is based on the three skills of direction, styling and photography coming together.

What inspires your work?

We are inspired by the need for our young creatives to have a platform that allows their work to be exposed. For this reason, we do all of our work at no cost for these designers. We believe that South Africa has the potential to be a fashion capital. We believe that this can only be achieved if we persist in supporting our local designers. Our vision is to create a culture of fashion by bringing a designers work to life and showcasing it through various forms of media.

What are you currently working on?

Last week we hosted an event along with the Cape Town music group, Home Grown Entertainment. The event was called ‘The Chill Session’ and was held in Green Point, Cape Town. A few days later and we are already not our next project, one that will not only be based on fashion, but also on various factors such as masculinity. We believe this plays a big role in the fashion and modelling industry. So we are trying to put together a concept that allows us to illustrate this masculinity through fashion photography. We have a few local designers that will work on this project with us.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

We would say that it is important to keep your head down and be passionate about what you do. It is important to love what you do. Never promote work for the sake of it, promote is because you, as the creator, love it. Your work is a reflection of you and people can pick that up very easily. If your work reflects passion, commitment and determination, people will see that and connect with your work much easier. Another bit of advice is to learn. Always open yourself up to learning from others because there will always be someone who know something you don’t.

How can a creative get involved in what you do?

We are open to working and collaborating will all creatives regardless of your field of creativity. All you have to do is email us at with a proposal or request.

Where can our readers follow your work ?

We are on Instagram @vantage_sa and Facebook @vantagecreatives. Our online portfolio can be viewed at


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