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Disrupting the Industry for Multicultural Millennials Snake Nation at CTIFM&F

 Disrupting the Industry for Multicultural Millennials  Snake Nation at CTIFM&F


In an exciting announcement, Snake Nation, The City of Atlanta, The City of Cape Town & The Cape Town International Film Festival are partnering to bring together Millennial filmmakers from Atlanta and South Africa.  Snake Nation will present a 2-day screening and workshop at the CTIFM&F with the aims of bringing awareness to their work, share knowledge, and create collaborative productions.

Snake Nation is a disruptive media and monetization company for M2 (Multicultural Millennial) creators. Based in ATL and Cape Town, Snake Nation believes in creative and economic freedom. Creatives build their audience, showcase their work, their culture, and communicate directly with their own audience, in their own uncensored voice.

To that end, on October 16th as part of the official CTIFM&F programme, the Snake Nation team will present a Millennial Filmmaker showcase that will feature Short films from Snake Nation Atlanta, Los Angeles and SA based members will be screened, including

  • House of June: This independent art film house that produces original cinematography and narratives for film and web and is based in Atlanta.
  •  Brandon Broussard: Brandon is an LA based producer and director, best known for #REALITYHIGH and The Perfect Match.
  • Visual Content Gang: Johannesburg based Batandwa Alperstein and his gang of producers & creatives create branded content campaigns for visionary brands, agencies & artists looking to make an impact on popular culture.

Day two of this event, on October 18th, will see a Creative Workshop for Young Rebels with the following elements:

  • Panel – The Global Creative Economy: Collaboration for Growth
  • Training: Production 101
  • Pitch 101- Pitch session- Feedback & Guidance
  • Screening: Snake Nation Young Rebel showcase


  • Karl Carter , CEO Snake Nation, Moderator
  • Amber Walker, Ebony Blanding, Amber Bournett (House of June)
  • Brandon Broussard, CEO Purple Stuff TV
  • Batandwa Alperstien CEO, Visual Content Gang
  • Lady Skollie, Visual Artist

To take part of this event filmmakers can buy day passes for the CTIFM&F here:  For more info on Snake Nation

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