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Best of Reel awarded to Absolut ‘One Source Live – Africa On Fire’ by Sunu from Egg Films


iDidTht’s Monthly Craft Awards showcase the very best in craft by production companies in South Africa. The December’s Craft Awards were judged by the legendary Cameron Watson. If you Google ‘Cameron Watson’, you get everyone from a Scottish Australian football player, an actor from the series Dynasty to the Creative Director at King James. The first two will forever live in the third’s shadow, shame… Thanks for gracing us with your presence Cameron Watson, we are in awe! Congratulations to all the winners.

Judges comments by Cameron Watson, Creative Director at King James Group

BEST OF REEL: Absolut ‘One Source Live – Africa On Fire’ by Sunu from Egg Films – Direction Craft

There is always a challenge to doing a great piece. There is an even greater challenge to making the piece that follows. Sunu has been able to summon his own superpowers for this month’s craft ‘Best of Reel’ and given us yet another visual spectacular for Absolut : One Source. This 4-minute-plus promo is full of styling, attention to detail and new visuals that keep you entertained. I felt that while the visual effects were slightly overused, and more in-camera trickery would have helped the scenes sit seamlessly into the beautifully styled and art directed world that is created for us, they can be forgiven in light of the theme. A piece that all involved can be proud of.

 SPECIAL MENTION: Joburg Ballet ‘#BiteSizeBallet No.5’ by Chloe Coetsee from Darling Films – Direction Craft

World-class choreographers, huge dance troupes, pyrotechnics, digital lighting rigs – all edited together into a schizophrenic barrage to try and get our attention are what gets this piece a special mention; because it uses none of the aforementioned. Chloe’s ability to create commanding visuals by keeping them simple, allows the ballet performance itself to stand out, right up until the final shot of the subtle resolve that leaves us all in hope that the rain dance actually works. Fluid camera moves, in tandem with the dance, make it better than having front row seats.

SPECIAL MENTION: Nedbank ‘Money App’  by PHI from The Star Film Company – Direction Craft

Initially, I felt this piece fell into the category of ‘seen it’, but I kept coming back and wanting to get it to change my mind. In the end, I think it gets let down by a couple of familiar and expected shots, but the rest is pieced together elegantly and in a way that I felt was deserving of a special mention.

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