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New IAB SA CEO announced

 New IAB SA CEO announced

The IAB SA is characterised by passionate individuals who champion the growth of the digital industry behind the scenes. Today, we celebrate the legacy of the body’s first CEO Josephine Buys, and welcome the vision of her successor, Paula Hulley.

Chris Borain, Chairperson of IAB SA says, “Josephine’s contagious spirit and drive has left an inimitable mark on the digital industry in South Africa. During her tenure as CEO, the IAB SA came into its own as an industry body, The Bookmark Awards grew significantly and the Education and Transformation Councils merged into one formidable, visionary entity.”

The IAB SA is thrilled to welcome Paula Hulley as the new CEO of the industry body as of 1 July 2018, as well as the new Vice Chair Alistair Mokoena, CEO of Ogilvy SA. Kantha Govender, from Media24 has been appointed as GM to support Paula in her role, with particular emphasis on driving the Transformation and Education agenda alongside her. Replacing Paula as Head of Agency Council is Brad Page, Partner and Strategist at Neo@Ogilvy.

On the appointments, Chris says, “Paula and Alistair bring the perfect mix of management and technical capabilities to drive the IAB to even greater prominence in the digital industry, while Kantha has the expertise and passion required to dedicate herself to the role”

Paula, currently Head of Innovation & Digital for Ogilvy CT, is well known to the IAB as she has served as Vice Chair for the last two years, and was head of the Agency Council. She is excited to dedicate her efforts to further mobilising digital in South Africa for good.

Digital’s capacity to connect and engage can overcome limitations, open potential and invite participation at scale is not only good for business, but great for businesses-for-good. I look forward to continuing the IAB’s pro-active collaboration across the network to create change and innovation across its key pillars – and most importantly to make a positive impact in your business.”

Over her years of working as a council member for the IAB, Paula has been inspired by the IAB’s ability to pro-actively and professionally collaborate in the best interest of good business in South Africa and to enable the communication industry to thrive in the digital economy – across competitor companies and group companies.

She adds, “My intention is to nurture the current IAB properties and the hard work achieved by our current leaders and volunteers and to listen to your challenges and ideas to move our industry forward by empowering the media and marketing industries to build brands digitally; to drive customer first innovation, to recognise the best in digital (including our IAB Bookmark Awards); to make measurement make sense; to build awareness of your trustworthy digital supply chain; to affect change through the power of transformation and education; and to support and grow the refreshed publisher mandate.

Digital at its best is immersive and engaging. It is an inter-connected eco system that blends the abilities of business and channel to uplift life experiences, sentiment, connection or joy. The sum is greater than its parts. Paula adds, “When diverse teams from different backgrounds, fields, specialities and skill sets work together, the magic really happens. It is here that digital truly overcomes limitations and where we can overcome the impossible to make a difference. It is also why I am so passionate about the close collaboration across the IAB Publishing, Agency and Marketing stakeholders.”

A key focus is to continue the work ongoing as part of the Education and Transformation council objective. During Josephine’s tenure, great strides were made in this area, with the appointment of Oupa Monamodi as IAB SA Head of Transformation and Education, and now Kantha Govender, the new IAB GM in steadfast support of the mandate.

She concludes, “As we navigate our collective future and drive transformation, I look forward to your support in this very important journey and to create a positive impact in your business to thrive in the digital economy.”

Paula Hulley is the new CEO for the IAB SA from 1 July 2018. Currently the Head of Innovation & Digital for Ogilvy Cape Town, with a 20 year career commencing in brand marketing at Speedo, then Touchline Media, joining digital agency Gloo in its first year of inception, and going on to become MD of the CT office, and then MD of the integrated business, Gloo@Ogilvy, post the merger with Ogilvy in 2015. Paula has worked across brands such as Puma, BWE CAT, Investec, Samsung, Audi, KFC, Vodacom, FNB, Virgin Active, BAT, Woolworths, Allan Gray and Assoc Mags, and is a member of the Digital Board at Ogilvy. She holds a BA degree from Stellenbosch University with psych honours degree from UNISA, post-degree in Copywriting at Red & Yellow and Finance FNFM at UCT GSB. 

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