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  • Who is Andrew Mkize and what do you do?
    Im a self taught photographer who has many more titles but mainly focuses on photography. I am a fashion consultant and freelance stylist as well as a model but as I mentioned before, photos came out on top.

    How would you define your style or art?
    I would define my style of art as very versatile but as well as bringing an old school touch to contemporary living. My goal in having a successful and meaningful shoot is always to try capture the old in the new, a sort of contrast merged into one.

    What inspires your work?
    My inspiration emerges from the most simple of things from the conversations my friends have to myself actually doing research and coming across fascinating findings and incorporating that information into a concept for my next shoot.

    .What are you currently working on?
    I have currently shot and still in the writing process of a concept that was based around African traditions and ceremonies that take place in most African families that aren’t always openly spoken about, so I tried illustrating that without the use of a word explanation and just visually trying to get the message across.

    What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do
    Even though you haven’t received recognition for your work, keep producing content and most importantly, create content you love to make not what people like to see, never compromise your craft.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

A highlight of my career must be when I was approached by a local up and coming blog to write on my experience at the 2019 South African Fashion Week and to capture images at the event from a guests perspective.

Where can our readers follow your work?

For more of my work you can visit my website ; or follow my work on Instagram @andrewmkizephotography.   

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