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The Black Sheep Consortium’s Mini-Documentary on Covid-19 Is Worth A Watch

 The Black Sheep Consortium’s Mini-Documentary on Covid-19 Is Worth A Watch

The Black Sheep’s mini-documentary on the Covid-19 pandemic is a well-rounded exploration of the effects of the virus on a typical household in the township

It is no secret that Covid-19 is steadily changing the way in which the world’s industries are functioning. From the way in which we are allowed to interact with each other to our shopping and eating habits, it seems almost as if the fabric of life is changing and shifting to a new normal.

The Black Sheep Consortium have recently released a documentary-style short film titled This Too Shall Pass about the impact of the coronavirus on vulnerable communities. The short film explores whether there is enough infrastructure to combat the disease in townships across South Africa.

The film is an investigative journalism piece that centres around the Mathe household consisting of grandmother Elizabeth Mathe, daughter Dimakatso Mathe and granddaughter Katlego Mathe.

Using these 3 perspectives, the visual storytelling and the dialogue with each member of the family tackles the difference in opinion regarding the usefulness of social distancing, especially in the township.

Self-solation and quarantines, not to mention frequent hand washing, is almost impossible in most townships where there are over 5 people living in one yard.

We also see how they view Covid-19 as a “foreign” disease amongst the affluent communities.

“They’ve managed to travel, to go on holidays, to go to Italy and enjoy themselves while I’m sitting here. Honestly speaking I’m home, I’m not travelling and now I must share their virus with them?” Dimakatso asks.

It is no secret that the infrastructure in the township is poorly lacking and the inequalities are now more than ever, clear and apparent at the face of this growing pandemic.

The film explores this by highlighting how the incapacity for economic security during the lockdown affects those whose income is disposable and less permanent. How are they supposed to survive and provide for their families without going to work?

And lastly, the film explores the overall fear, panic and confusion surrounding the pandemic.

Public Health Medicine Specialist and Senior Researcher at the SAMRC/Wits University Centre for Health Economics and Decision Science,Dr Atiya Mosam offers analysis through intermingling in-depth analysis with contemporary reportage, while, situating the virus as a multi-faceted problem that reveals the current frailties and tough lessons that face South Arica and Africa at large.

The Black Sheep Consortium delves deep into taboo, nuanced and contemporary stories of Africa’s youth. This Too Shall Pass is no different; it is worth checking out.

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Ray Maota