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Meet Artist Phillemon Hlungwani

 Meet Artist Phillemon Hlungwani

Ku Saseka Ka Swona Mbuya 2 (2019).


Phillemon Hlungwani is recognised as one of the most accomplished contemporary artists now working in South Africa.

Known predominantly for his large-scale charcoal drawings depicting scenes from rural life and formal and informal settlements, his work is rooted deeply in a sense of community and the traditional values that endure there.

Many of his recent drawings include proverbs in his first language – xiTsonga – as ­titles.

These proverbs are often difficult to translate into English but they communicate an essential moral idea – showing how members of a particular community are either sustaining or betraying the values of the people living there.

Ku xonga ka nwansati i mi ntirho leyi nene. (Version 1)

The people are inseparable from their environment, although his more recent images have introduced colour into the clothing of his protagonists to help them stand out in all their vibrancy and humanity.

The scenes he depicts are usually full of motion and life – the characters bursting with thoughts, opinions and yearnings, which are communicated further through the arcs and lines that weave the different parts of each drawing together. Everything is connected.

There is no distinction between the internal or the external, the animate or inanimate, the material or the spiritual.

Ndlela hi komba hi lava va nga rhanga va yi famba. (Version 1)

As a boy, Hlungwani used to herd goats and cattle and look after chickens – and this relationship with the animal world is often present in his work. Trees were also a source of shade and food – both for animals and people – as well as providing places for community debates, ceremonies and prayer.

Sometimes, as in the work entitled Vutlarhi bya lava kulu ka hina (The Wisdom of the Old People), trees embody and stand for the human – carrying in their roots and leaves and fruit all that has passed beneath them.

Hlungwani is suggesting throughout his work that people who live in the simplest places with few possessions can still lead good, dignified lives and remain happy.

They may have places to go and things to do, but they know who they are – where they have come from and where they are going.

Early life and education

Hlungwani was born in Thomo Village, Giyani, in the Limpopo Province, where he attended Thomo Primary School and Hanyani Thomo High School, where he developed his skills under the guidance of his art teacher, motivator and friend Muxe Moses Mthombeni – and Queen Mtileni.

Having attained an A for Art in Matric, Hlungwani studied at the Johannesburg Art Foundation before studying printmaking under the mentorship of Kim Berman, the late Nhlahla Xaba and Osiah Masukameng at the Artist Proof Studio.

Selborn Street and 11th Avenue ALEX. (Version 1)

Hlungwani later completed a teacher’s training course in Art at the WITS School of Art.

He has since been based at the Artist Proof Studio, where he has facilitated classes, been a unit manager for papermaking and was the coordinator for community outreach and special projects at the studio. He has also worked in a range of advisory and mentoring projects.

Sponsored by the prestigious Ampersand Foundation Fellowship, Hlungwani went on an extensive study tour of printmaking studios in the United States.

In addition to his drawing and graphic work, Hlungwani has completed and facilitated many wall murals including the mural at the Standard Bank Art Gallery (for the Picasso in Africa exhibition) and the mural for Bell Dewar and Hall.

Ku xura i ku tirha (Version 1)

He has also been commissioned by the JDA (Johannesburg Development Agencies), MTN and the South African Governmental offices.

Awards include winning the King Korn competition (2000 and 2001) and the SABC Radio Station Munghana Lonene FM Log Design Award (2003).

He was also one of the finalists for the Absa Gallery competition in 2001, 2002 and 2009.

See more of his works here.

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