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Watch How The Norval Foundation Celebrated Youth Day

 Watch How The Norval Foundation Celebrated Youth Day

To celebrate Youth Day this year, Norval Foundation in partnership with Strauss & Co, brought the performing arts and the visual arts together.

Watch the South African Youth Choir perform in the spectacular ‘Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture’ exhibition by William Kentridge, at Norval Foundation in Cape Town.

The exhibition has been on show since 24 August 2019. This will be the last time it is witnessed in its full glory as the museum remains closed to the public amidst COVID-19 and national lockdown.

With the 44th anniversary of the Soweto Uprising, the Black Lives Matter movements that have swept the globe and the COVID-19 pandemic; the transcendent, transformative and unifying power of music and art has become even more significant.

Always, but particularly around the commemoration of Youth Day, a collective effort is needed to make the voices of the youth heard. Choir members and representatives from Norval Foundation and Strauss & Co were interviewed about what Youth Day means in this present moment and how they envision the future.

Their performance was recorded in line with the restrictions and safety precautions of lockdown.

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Ray Maota