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Blvck Queer Presents Short Film ‘Gang 888’

 Blvck Queer Presents Short Film ‘Gang 888’

Gang 888 is a film about 5 orphaned black queer women who decide to create a gang. All 5 women are militant about reclaiming their power in South Africa.

Banzi Mavuso, who wrote and directed the film, said: “The film is about 5 black queer women who fight toxic masculinity and homophobia. South Africa has one of the highest femicide rates in the world and is also becoming the most violent state against queer bodies and so I decided to create a reality where women are the ones with power, specifically black queer women – to truly make people see us differently and to inspire unity and power within our LGBT community.”

The film has no set release date yet but catch the trailer below.

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Ray Maota